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August 1, 2022

The Xbox Pride Controller: Available to customize year-round thanks to collective effort

In the hands of a gamer, an Xbox Wireless Controller helps navigate unfamiliar worlds.

With it, you can jump huge chasms, escape from seemingly impossible situations and explore an endless array of characters and places.

And thanks to the recently relaunched Xbox Design Lab, it’s also a canvas players can customize – a way to express who they are and what matters to them.

The latest choices for that personalization debuted in June as Microsoft’s Pride 2022 observances commenced: more than 30 LGBTQIA+ interwoven community flags that celebrate intersectionality and unity on the Xbox Pride controller. This design honors the ever expanding and ever evolving diversity of LGBTQIA+ experiences and identities that span the globe.

“At the end of the day, this was a collective effort that kicked off a few years ago,” says Daniel Ruiz, a senior product marketing manager from the Xbox product accessories team, which was instrumental in the early phases of the controller’s development as well as its marketing strategy. It’s one of many teams throughout the company that helped bring the controller to life. “The Pride controller is a great opportunity to continue to engage with the LGBTQIA+ community in a meaningful way, showing fans that we’re actively listening to the feedback. The reality is that every gamer deserves the right to be seen and heard. And what was really cool about this controller is that it was not just a controller. It’s more like a symbol for the LGBTQIA+ community that inspired it.”

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