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September 21, 2022

Tech Trends: Windows PCs help Microsoft meet its commitments to sustainability

When consumers are choosing PCs to buy, they’re looking not only at the device itself, but also at its environmental impact. Check out the latest episode of “Tech Trends” below, which takes a look at how Microsoft and its Windows 11 device partners are addressing sustainability objectives throughout the design, use and end-of-life management of PCs.

“As an ecosystem, Microsoft is focused on achieving consistent sustainability targets across our devices,” explains Katie Mincin, who helps lead Microsoft’s sustainability efforts with its device partners, in the video. “Microsoft has identified six specific ecosystem wide objectives to address with our device partners. These include improved energy efficiency, sustainable packaging, increased recyclability and use of recycled materials, improved repairability, reduction in manufacturing carbon emissions, and finally the promotion of sustainability standards and regulations that will help us achieve our goals.”

Find out more by watching the video.