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March 9, 2023

Lenovo launches Windows 11-powered ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5

Lenovo’s latest trio of Windows 11 desktop workstations are what the company calls its most technologically advanced, with the latest Xeon processors from Intel and support for high-end NVIDIA RTX professional GPUs to handle machine learning, data science, AI development and more.

The ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5 also come with a new chassis co-designed with Aston Martin – the U.K.-based high-performance luxury auto maker. The two companies worked together over three years to apply insights from both industries to make a tool-less chassis with unobstructed airflow, ensuring maximum cold air intake and hot air exhaust. The 3D grill maximizes the performance of CPUs, GPUs, memory and storage. All three workstations also have front access drives for easy serviceability and upgrade flexibility.

Two PC displays side by side next to a tower all on a desk with people talking behind it
ThinkStation PX

These workstations include Windows 11, which introduced a major update at the end of February. One of the biggest additions is a typable Windows search box that brings the new AI-powered Bing front and center. The update also includes improved touch experiences, full screen widgets, quick access to the Windows 365 app and new AI features in Start. Additionally, Windows announced a new preview of Phone Link for iOS is available in their Insider Program.

Three PC towers side by side
ThinkStation PX, P7 and P5

The ThinkStation PX is the highest end of these workstations, a flagship with support for more cores and expandability than previous generations of Lenovo workstations. The ThinkStation P7 aims to exceed the most rigorous performance and reliability challenges of workloads that typically relied on servers or cloud resources in the past, such as automotive styling, computational fluid dynamics and complex video production and rendering. Finally, Lenovo has engineered the ThinkStation P5 for compute-intensive tasks such as complex 3D CAD, reality capture and geospatial visualization – workflows familiar to architects, engineers and designers.

Man in a lab coat sitting in front of ThinkStation PX
ThinkStation PX

They’re expected to be available starting in May. Go to Lenovo to find out more about these and other workstations in their portfolio.

Lead photo: ThinkStation P7