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Microsoft Start
March 24, 2023

Weather from Microsoft Start named the most accurate global forecast provider

Following the last few years of record-breaking natural disasters, it’s clear that weather prediction accuracy isn’t just for making daily decisions when going outdoors – it can save lives. From deadly risk of hurricanes to lightning storms to flooding, there’s a critical need for a high-accuracy weather forecast tool. To meet the needs of our users, we decided to build our own weather forecast system in Microsoft Start.

Using industry-leading machine learning, AI and other innovative technologies over the last two years, Microsoft built one of the world’s leading weather forecasting capabilities. In a new, independent study commissioned by Microsoft and conducted by ForecastWatch comparing the top global weather providers, Weather from Microsoft Start was named the most accurate weather forecasting service. *

ForecastWatch analyzed Weather from Microsoft Start’s abilities to provide precise global forecasts and compared it against 24 other major forecast providers. In addition to providing the most accurate forecast overall, Microsoft Start achieved the highest ranking in predicting high temperature, low temperature and wind speed.

Built right into Windows, Weather from Microsoft Start is accompanied by an intelligent, personalized feed that delivers up-to-the-minute weather information, for free. In addition to severe weather alerts, Weather from Microsoft Start provides precise weather information to help users make better decisions for their lifestyles, health, jobs and activities – including accurate 10-day global weather forecasts updated multiple times every hour.

It’s weather information you can rely on – in fact, Microsoft was recently recognized by the Director of NOAA’s National Weather Service for its contributions to public safety. Discover your personalized weather forecast by clicking on the weather icons on the Windows 10 and 11 taskbars, from the Microsoft Edge new tab page, from the Microsoft Start App on your smartphone or from the Microsoft Start homepage.

*ForecastWatch,  Analysis of One-to Five-Day-Out Global Temperature, Wind Speed, Precipitation and Opacity Forecasts, Jan-Jun 2022 (