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July 5, 2023

During Disability Pride month, Xbox reinforces commitment to inclusive gaming

As part of Disability Pride Month, Team Xbox proudly celebrates players, creators and community members with disabilities. More than 400 million video game players worldwide have disabilities, and an Xbox Wire post recognizes the contributions the gaming and disability community has made in making Team Xbox and the broader gaming industry more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

In the post, Brannon Zahand, senior gaming accessibility program manager and Microsoft Gaming & Disability community member, writes, “We encourage everyone to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the many players with disabilities across the globe who make up the vibrant gaming community, as well as think about those people in your life who also are part of the disability community and what you can do to be an ally for them.”

Head over to Xbox Wire to check out stories and experiences from others in the Gaming & Disability community, including what Disability Pride means to them.