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Scaling Windows Phone, evolving Windows 8

By Joe Belfiore

A lot of you folks know me as “the Windows Phone ” Over the past five years I’ve been co-managing the Windows Phone product team on a mission to make Windows Phone a delightful and successful Recently my job changed… Read more

Announcing Windows Phone 8

By Joe Belfiore

Three years ago I was lucky to join the Windows Phone team at a time when we were “resetting” our approach to mobile operating system We made big changes to our design, our approach to partners, and our The result… Read more

HTC unveils their new global lineup of Windows Phones

By Joe Belfiore

HTC just unveiled two new Windows Phones that will be landing in stores around the world later this year, running our latest version of Windows A lot of people ask me via Twitter “what phone are you using now”. I’m… Read more