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By integrating with Power BI, Cortana can give you answers directly from key business data.

Cortana Gets Even Smarter with Power BI Integration

By Marcus Ash

As your truly personal digital assistant, we’re enabling Cortana to call upon other services to help you get things You’ve seen us work with third parties like LinkedIn and Microsoft services like Office 365 to bring you an even richer… Read more

Cortana brings Cultural Savviness to New Markets

By Marcus Ash

Our team has been working hard on the upcoming launch of Windows For my team, that means building the first digital personal assistant in a way that is truly meaningful to individuals As the Group Program Manager for Cortana, I’m… Read more

Cortana Makes Friends with Your Favorite Apps

By Marcus Ash

As a truly personal digital assistant, Cortana is there to help people get things When we set out to design Cortana, we talked to real world personal assistants and learned that they do a few things really well, and rely… Read more

How Cortana Comes to Life in Windows 10

By Marcus Ash

Hello! I’m @MarcusAsh, the Group Program Manager for Cortana and Search on the Windows PC, Phone and Tablet Over the past few months, we’ve shared details about some of the features we think you’ll love in Windows 10 like Continuum,… Read more