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Man standing working in a factory.

Windows 10 IoT – Tomorrow’s IoT today

By Rushmi Malaviarachchi

Similar to the embedded devices that came before them, modern IoT devices are often used in places where physical servicing is difficult and For example, it’s expensive for an oil company to put a technician on a helicopter to service… Read more

Build your digital signage business on Windows 10

By Rushmi Malaviarachchi

It’s been a busy week at Digital Signage Expo 2018 (DSE) and it’s great to see how the industry continues to innovate and All throughout the week, we were excited to see our partners enable digital signage solutions across a… Read more

Building an Engaging and Informative Customer Experience

Windows 10 IoT is ready for Microsoft Build 2017

By Rushmi Malaviarachchi

Windows 10 IoT provides a secure, cutting-edge IoT platform that will transform the way developers bring devices and solutions to   With the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, we’ve made huge improvements in Windows 10 IoT Core, including… Read more