April 29, 2015

Get Started with your HP Spectre x360 from Build 2015

As announced during the Day 1 keynote at Build 2015 in San Francisco, eligible in-person conference attendees are receiving an HP Spectre x360 touch-screen convertible laptop. Distribution of the giveaway starts at 8:00pm Wednesday, April 29, and continues through 3pm Friday, May 1, at the Build Registration Desk on the first floor. Eligible Build 2015 conference attendees may pick up one HP Spectre x360 (retail value: US$1,099.00). Don’t forget your Build credentials and a picture identification.

If you are attending Build to learn all about the Universal Windows Platform and want to install Windows 10 Insider Preview on your new device to start writing Universal Windows apps – read on.

Get the Bits: Become a Windows Insider

The first step to getting the Windows 10 Insider Preview installed on your Spectre x360 is to sign up to become a Windows Insider. Go to https://insider.windows.com/, click “Get Started”, and sign in with your Microsoft Account. Once you’re in, you can follow the instructions there to download and install the Insider Preview. Note: you will need to be on the Pro edition or higher to enable Hyper-V which is required for the emulator tools. In order to upgrade your HP Spectre X360 to the Pro edition, after upgrading, go to “Add features to Windows 10” and use the product key that’s on the Insider program page.

Note: We recommend that you not attempt to download and install the Insider Preview over the Wi-Fi network at the convention center. Also, make sure that you are familiar with the information about backing up your device before installing the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

Create a Recovery Key

Before you upgrade to the Windows 10 Insider Preview, make sure that you create OEM recovery media using the HP Recovery Manager, which is pre-installed on your Spectre x360 along with the Windows 8.1 image. This will serve as your backup recovery media, allowing you to return to factory reset condition at any point.

Get the Tools: Install the Developer Tools

Do this before installing the tools: HW Virtualization is disabled in BIOS by default, make sure to turn on the Hyper-V by going to BIOS settings with the steps below:

  1. Hit Esc + F10 at the beginning of the boot sequence.
  2. Navigate to the BIOS menu option that states “Hardware Virtualization Support” set to “Disabled” and change it to “Enabled”. Save and exit.
  3. Restart machine.
  4. Log into Windows and go to “Turn Windows features on/off”. Find the Hyper-V option and enable it.
  5. Restart machine.

You can install the developer tools on your PC to get started building universal apps after enabling the HW. You can find details about developing for Windows 10 on the Windows Dev Center.

Get Excited: Check out Windows 10 features

Windows 10 Insider Preview includes lots of new capabilities. A couple of key ones you’ll be able to use with your new PC include Continuum and support for Wi-Fi Passpoint.

Get Flexible: Continuum

Your new Spectre x360 is just the kind of hardware that Continuum in Windows 10 is designed for – providing a flexible user interface that adapts to a laptop or a tablet, depending on how you’re using your machine. To see it in action, simply fold back the keyboard and you should see a prompt to enter Tablet Mode. If this doesn’t happen, go to Settings > System > Tablet Mode and select your preference for mode changes. Note that if you perform a clean install instead of upgrading from Windows 8.1, you will need to reinstall the Intel Virtual Buttons driver to get the Tablet Mode prompt. You can also manually toggle Tablet Mode via Action Center.

Get Connected: Set up Passpoint

Windows 10 supports Passpoint, the latest advance in Wi-Fi that is designed to make connectivity seamless and secure. No more searching for a Wi-Fi signal and trying to navigate the login screen. Passpoint detects and securely connects you to Passpoint-enabled hotspots – automatically.

Eligible in-person conference attendees will enjoy a free subscription to Boingo Wireless. With Boingo, you’ll have access to more than 1 million hotspots worldwide – including Passpoint access at 25+ airports and 50,000 Boingo hotspots in the U.S.

After you have upgraded your Spectre x360 to Windows 10 Insider Preview, use the certificate you received at the conference with your user ID and password, and then get started at http://passpoint.boingo.com. Look for the Boingo flyer in the registration package for your user ID and password.

Get Current: Run Windows Update

After upgrading your Spectre x360 through Windows Insider, you should have all the current drivers that you need. If you do a clean installation instead of an upgrade (not recommended), you will lose some of the drivers. If you lose the drivers for any reason, the latest drivers for the Spectre x360 can be downloaded and installed using the links below.

Download: BIOS (F.12.)

Download: Intel Chipset Installation and Utility Driver (10.0.22)

Download: Intel Rapid Storage (

Download: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (6.3.9600 RevB)

Download: Intel Virtual Buttons Drive ( – Required for Continuum auto-prompt display

Download: Intel Serial IO Driver (

Download: HP Wireless Button Driver (

Get Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the Windows 10 Insider Preview, first check the Windows Insider Program forum. If you cannot find the answer there, check out the questions below for information specific to the HP Spectre x360 giveaway at Microsoft Build 2015. Finally, there will be Microsoft staff on hand at the Windows Insider Lounge at the conference to assist you.

Get Support

For hardware or software related issues specific to the Spectre x360 that was distributed at the event please contact HP support at 1-888-447-0169 pin# 97383

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 6:00AM-6:00PM PST
Contact Number: 1-888-447-0169 pin# 97383
The support lines will be open until July 31st 2015
After July 31st support for the Spectre x360 will migrate to 1-800- HP INVENT (1-800-474-6836)