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Pinworthy: Finding the best Windows Phone apps (no. 4)

By Michael Stroh

Here’s a fun cocktail-party Let’s say you wanted to buy every single app in How much would that set you back? $16, At least that’s what AppBuzz tells AppBuzz is a new app-discovery app in It says there are 7,215… Read more

Pinworthy 3: This week’s Marketplace highlights

By Michael Stroh

Welcome back, It was a solid week for Marketplace; I found it little tougher to winnow the 400-odd new entries down to Check out my latest picks and tell me about your own new A few folks have asked about… Read more

Roundup: What’s the best Twitter app?

By Michael Stroh

ZDNet’s Matthew Miller just posted a nice roundup of Twitter apps for Windows Phone, sorting out the pros and cons of 5 of the most prominent entries in Marketplace: Birdsong (a new arrival this week), Twitt, Beezz, Twitter (the official… Read more

New in Marketplace: Bitbop

By Michael Stroh

Attention TV junkies: The Bitbop app landed in Marketplace this   If you like to watch your favorite shows on the go, I suggest you grab it Bitbop is a on-demand subscription service that lets you stream or download commercial-free,… Read more

Interview with Seesmic’s Loic Le Meur on Seesmic Look

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today Seesmic has announced a brand new Twitter app for the Windows Platform specifically designed for the mainstream consumer called Seesmic Seesmic Look brings a lot to the table making it easy for the average consumer, like your mom, to… Read more