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Find out how Z by HP helps creative pros up their game

By Athima Chansanchai

Jody MacDonald has had many challenging assignments, but for the award-winning photographer, a six-week trek testing an all-weather camera through the Sahara Desert stood During the day, the heat was unbearable, the nights She slept on top of iron ore,… Read more

Coming October 18 – The New Fresh Paint!

By Brandon LeBlanc

I am posting this on behalf of Ira Snyder, General Manager in the Startup Business we are announcing new versions of Fresh Paint for Windows and Windows A few months ago, we shared a Preview version of Fresh Paint for… Read more

Creativity in Windows 8 with Fresh Paint

By Brandon LeBlanc

I’m posting this on behalf of my colleague Aaron Coldiron, a group manager on the Fresh Paint – BrandonWhat is the future of art in the digital age? That’s one of the questions that we’ve been inspired by as we’ve… Read more