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The new Office #Timeto365

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today over on the Official Microsoft Blog, Steve Ballmer talks about the new Office and what it means for the Starting today, people can now subscribe to Office as a service via instead of purchasing Office as a piece of… Read more

Tribune Releases Mosaic App for Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today Tribune Company is announcing the final release of Mosaic by Tribune; an application optimized for Windows 7 touch-capable devices, but will work on regular Windows PCs Tribune owns a variety of newspapers across the United States including the Los… Read more

Ben and Ryan Explain: Windows Live Mesh

By Ben Rudolph

A few years back, if you worked with multiple PCs, like a desktop in your office and a laptop on the road, you ran into a hitch every time you moved back and forth between them – your stuff was… Read more

Accelerating the Windows Phone Ecosystem

By Andy Lees

This year has been one of significant change for the mobile We are moving from a battle of devices to one of What is required to build and maintain a vibrant ecosystem is broad - defined by the relationship between… Read more

Andrew Belle & Windows Make Beautiful Music Together

By Brandon LeBlanc

You may have noticed our “To the Cloud” ads airing on TV highlighting Windows 7 + Windows Live to create, connect, and share things like photos, videos and documents to the cloud from your If not, you can check them… Read more

Windows Live + Bing Photo Contest

By Brandon LeBlanc

Last week, we announced the release of the new Windows Live Essentials 2011 for everyone to download which includes Messenger, Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Mesh and Family To celebrate the release of Windows Live Essentials, the best way… Read more

Update on the Windows Intune Beta

By Brandon LeBlanc

Wow! It’s only been about 30 hours since we announced the Windows Intune beta program and we’ve seen an incredible response from you and your Due to your overwhelming interest and enthusiasm, we have already filled the beta For those… Read more