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Hardware partners get a glimpse of Windows 8 at Computex

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier today, we shared a preview of the new user interface in Windows There was also Windows activity happening halfway across the world in Taipei, Taiwan, at a big hardware show called There, Mike Angiulo, Corporate Vice President of Windows… Read more

AMD to bring the CPU and GPU together with AMD Fusion

By Brandon LeBlanc

At Computex this week, AMD is offering the first-ever public demonstration of AMD Fusion AMD Fusion represents AMD’s effort to combine the CPU and GPU onto a single die – called an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The idea is that… Read more

The 3D PC

By Brandon LeBlanc

3D entertainment is gaining quite a bit of momentum especially with awesome 3D movies like Alice in Wonderland and of course James Cameron’s We’re seeing a sort of “3D revolution”, as NVIDIA calls it, where 3D is being introduced in… Read more