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Start Screen PNG Icon FAQ

By Eric Urban

Update: Icon registry key and how to avoid the need for signing ‘privileged’. Update: As of August 10, 2009, the requirement for the PNG Start Screen icon has changed from requiring three to one (90x90) PNG This FAQ has been updated… Read more

The Race to Market

By Todd Brix

Today represents another significant milestone for Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and more importantly, the first big opportunity for We are now accepting application submissions from all 29 supported countries and have launched a Race to Market Challenge to kick things… Read more

Windows Mobile Application Verifier

By Eric Urban

Before an application will be accepted into the Windows Marketplace for Mobile catalog, it must be able to perform all primary and secondary functions while the Microsoft Application Verifier Test (AppVerifier) is AppVerifier needs to be configured to detect heap… Read more

Windows Mobile Developer Camps

By Loke Uei Tan

Hello, my name is Loke Uei Tan and I am the Senior Technical Product Manager for the Mobile Developer Experience (DEX) team at I blog regularly on MSDN, and will also post on this team blog from time to You… Read more

Getting Started with Widgets on Windows Mobile 6.5

By Jorge Peraza

Originally posted June 4, 2009 at Now that the Windows Mobile Developer Toolkit is out, it is time to start writing widgets!!! Necessary equipment: 1)      The Windows Mobile emulator images 2)      The web development environment of choice   3)      WMDC or… Read more

UPDATED: Silverlight 2.0 Released, Deep Zoom Composer Updated

By Brandon LeBlanc

Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division, has announced the final release of Silverlight Scott runs the teams responsible for Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), , and IIS Silverlight is a major release for Microsoft’s Developer Division and… Read more

Live Mesh Technology Preview Announced

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today Microsoft is unveiling a technology preview to a really neat new software+services platform called Live Live Mesh is a brand new platform that helps your devices act together through the internet enabling users such as you and me to… Read more