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AMD to bring the CPU and GPU together with AMD Fusion

By Brandon LeBlanc

At Computex this week, AMD is offering the first-ever public demonstration of AMD Fusion AMD Fusion represents AMD’s effort to combine the CPU and GPU onto a single die – called an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The idea is that… Read more

Internet Explorer 9 at MIX10

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday was Day 1 of MIX10 in Las Vegas and a lot of really cool things were announced – specifically around developing for Windows Phone 7 You’ll find the gist of the Day 1 news from MIX10 here on the… Read more

7 Hot Games for Windows 7 for the Holidays

By Brandon LeBlanc

The holidays are here, and that usually means spending time with family and For some of you however, that might mean logging in heavy hours online mercilessly shredding your friends on some sort of virtual war-torn I thought I would… Read more