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AMD bringing DirectX 11 to Laptop PCs

By Brandon LeBlanc

Mark stopped by AMD’s booth to talk to Bob Sison about what AMD was showcasing this week at AMD announced their Mobility Radeon Premium graphics in laptop PCs – supporting DirectX Check out the video: Did you know AMD has… Read more

7 Hot Games for Windows 7 for the Holidays

By Brandon LeBlanc

The holidays are here, and that usually means spending time with family and For some of you however, that might mean logging in heavy hours online mercilessly shredding your friends on some sort of virtual war-torn I thought I would… Read more

Paint.NET 3.5 Released!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday, Rick Brewster announced that the final release of is now available for Download: I had blogged about one of the initial beta releases of back in utilizes DirectWrite in Windows 7 to render text (instead of GDI). As I… Read more