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HP Z820 Workstation: Rising To the Challenge

By Gavin Gear

Today’s enterprise workstation PCs are being used for tasks that are more demanding than Applications have scaled and become more capable, and the tasks they perform have become more intensive by orders of Machine specs also continue to show increasing… Read more

PDXLAN 20: “Epidemic” Custom PC by Jon Hansz

By Gavin Gear

When I was at the recent PDXLAN event, I saw hundreds of cool custom Many of these PCs represent countless hours of investigation, planning, shopping, assembling, and One of the stand-out PCs at this event was called “Epidemic” built by… Read more

PDXLAN 20: 550 Windows Gamers Under One Roof

By Gavin Gear

If you want to see just how serious Windows gamers can be- you really need to go to a LAN One of the largest gatherings in the United States happens three times a year in Portland, Since it was so… Read more