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Can your PC power the Qwest Field Jumbotron?

By Ben Rudolph

Answer:  Probably   Next question:  How did such a weird topic ever come up? Well, one of the questions I get the most from friends who are PC shopping is “Do you think that my new PC can power my… Read more

Windows PCs take New York…again!

By Ben Rudolph

Unless you were on Mars, living in a cave with your eyes shut and fingers in your ears, you know that yesterday was kind of a big day for the Windows Phone Along with the Phone team, we were there… Read more

August PC Roundup: Killer Gaming Rigs

By Ben Rudolph

Last month Ryan and I talked about our favorite summer travel   This month we’re back to talk about some of the most mercilessly powerful, aggressively styled, outrageously large PCs out there – gaming Even in this niche class of… Read more