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All new Foursquare app rolls out for Windows PCs and Tablets

By Brandon LeBlanc

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, Foursquare is one of my favorite apps for Foursquare released their completely redesigned Foursquare app for Windows Phone a few weeks And yesterday, they rolled out a big update to their app for… Read more

Project Spark launches for Windows 8.1 and Xbox One

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in February, I had published a blog post that takes a look at Project Spark as it first entered beta for Windows Project Spark is an amazing and fun experience that aims to democratize game making by giving everyone… Read more

Lumia 1520

Another look at the Lumia 1520

By Brandon LeBlanc

When it comes to smartphones, is bigger better? I wanted to find So a few months ago, I switched to the Lumia The Lumia 1520 is one of the biggest smartphones on the market and the biggest Windows Phone device… Read more

Great apps and games with impressive, new updates

By The Windows Team

One of the best things about apps for Windows and Windows Phone is that they’re always getting better with Updates give you more features, faster action, more efficiency and more Here are some favorite apps and the lowdown on their… Read more