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Announcing the new All-in-One Media Keyboard

By Brandon LeBlanc

People love to show off their photos and videos to friends and family and a common way to do this is by connecting a device like a laptop or tablet to a Today, we’re announcing the All-in-One Media Keyboard that… Read more

VLC for Windows 8 Beta now available from the Windows Store

By Brandon LeBlanc

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the work needed to develop a version of their popular video player called VLC for Windows 8 – VideoLAN’s hotly anticipated app is finally here in beta You can now download VLC… Read more

Using Play To with a DLNA Certified TV

By Pete Brown

I read an interesting thread over on Microsoft Answers recently in which the poster had purchased a "connected” TV with a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) logo on He reported that he had no troubles navigating from his TV to… Read more

Jump List Tricks for Windows Media Player in Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in June, I blogged the first of 6 blog posts dedicated to tips and/or tricks for Windows Media Player in Windows I had originally intended to post the remaining 5 blog posts over the course of 3 However, that… Read more

Burn ISO Images Natively in Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

Geeks and IT Pros often have to burn an ISO image (.iso file) to physical media such as a CD or DVD to test out and install We have made it easier to burn ISO images in Windows 7 by… Read more