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Spotify your music on Windows Phone

By Andy Colley

Spotify is launching today for Windows Like other subscription music services, Spotify gives you on-demand access to millions of But the service, which costs $ a month, also lets you share your music on Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Messenger—and do… Read more

Overview: Bing on Windows Phone 7.5

By Michael Stroh

If you’ve been looking for a nice quick and dirty list of all the new things you can do with Bing in Windows Phone (aka Mango), you’ll want to check the Bing blog today, which just published a nice overview… Read more

Windows Phone Radio 31

By Brian Seitz

Hello everyone, Windows Phone Radio number 31 is now flowing from Windows Phone HQ and we have a great show in store After a brief recap of the week’s events, we go right into a great guest interview with Steve… Read more

Q&A: The story behind Music search

By Michael Stroh

One of the many new features coming in the next release of Windows Phone— Mango—is Music search, a built-in song recognition feature jointly developed with researchers on the Bing We haven’t said much about it yet, so recently I sat… Read more