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PC Snapshot: ASUS U36

By Ben Rudolph

This is the next in the series of “PC Snapshots” - short 2-3 minute overview of PCs that Ryan and I think are If there’s a PC that you’d like to see us cover, hit me on Twitter, send me… Read more

Hands-on with the Microsoft Store exclusive Samsung X430

By Ben Rudolph

About two weeks ago I got a present – a pre-release unit of the Samsung   This carbon-look fiber clad PC is a Microsoft Store exclusive – it’s only sold in our new “brick-and-mortar” stores and at the Microsoft Store… Read more

The ASUS U Bamboo: Naturally Beautiful

By Ben Rudolph

“  This thing is freakin’ ” That’s the first thing I said when I unboxed my new ASUS U43Jc, affectionately known as the “U Bamboo”.  More than almost any other laptop I’ve ever used, this laptop is truly The engineers… Read more