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Windows 8 Previewed Today at BUILD

By Brandon LeBlanc

The keynote finished a few hours ago at BUILD where Steven Sinofsky and other members of his engineering leadership team shared a detailed preview of the next major Windows release codenamed “Windows 8” to the thousands of developers in attendance… Read more

Paint.NET 3.5 Released!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday, Rick Brewster announced that the final release of is now available for Download: I had blogged about one of the initial beta releases of back in utilizes DirectWrite in Windows 7 to render text (instead of GDI). As I… Read more

Paint.NET v3.5 Enhanced for Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

The Team has announced the of will use DirectWrite on Windows 7 for rendering DirectWrite is part of Windows 7’s text rendering Very cool! DirectWrite is one of the new additions to the DirectX family of APIs in Windows DirectWrite… Read more