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6 great ways to score big during Ultimate Game Sale

By Microsoft Store Team

Ultimate Game Sale* is back! Now is the perfect time to save big and upgrade your slowing gaming PC, stock up top-rated PC games, or pick up that new gaming keyboard and mouse at Microsoft While Ultimate Game Sale is… Read more

Project E.B.T.R. Racing Simulator Moves You – Literally

By Gavin Gear

If you are really into racing games on your PC you may have a multi-display setup, a wheel, and perhaps even some With wrap-around visuals, car-like controls, and force feedback you may wonder what the “next level” for racing simulation… Read more

Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat – Gaming PCs #winchat

By Brandon LeBlanc

Kristina is off on vacation likely with her toes in the sand and watching the sun set over the So this week I’m covering our Tech Tuesday Live Twitter Chat! And this week we’ll be talking about gaming PCs! That’s… Read more

My 3-Year-Old Reviews Where’s Waldo on Touch PC

By Lisa Worthington

I recently set my daughter Lil (almost four) up on a Dell Studio 17 multi-touch laptop to test out Wild Tangent’s Where’s Waldo The Fantastic Journey Lil has been playing online kids games for about 4 months, though this was… Read more

Get Batman: Arkham Asylum 75% off via Games on Demand!

By Brandon LeBlanc

In a few previous blog posts I’ve done over the last couple months, I talked about or mentioned the awesome Games for Windows – LIVE game Batman: Arkham In early December, we introduced Games on Demand for Games for Windows… Read more

The ASUS G71Gx Gaming Powerhouse – Whoa…

By Brandon LeBlanc

Over the last few weeks, in between blogging, tweeting, and more blogging, I would often sneak off to do some gaming on the ASUS G71Gx I have here in my It is often “helpful” to be able to take a… Read more