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Quick Look: DirectX 11 Gaming in 4K on Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

Anyone that’s into PC gaming knows that display and graphics are core to the gaming Imagine if you could take your 24”-27” 1080p display and quadruple the surface area and pixel Now imagine playing your favorite DirectX 11 games on… Read more

Tips for Purchasing a New Family PC

By Lisa Worthington

Are you shopping this holiday season for a new PC for your family but unsure what to buy, or need advice on the most critical things to consider in your next notebook or desktop? Take a look at the video… Read more

New Games for Windows Marketplace Launches Today!

By Brandon LeBlanc

Back in October, we announced we were bringing the distribution power of Games on Demand to the Web with the Games for Windows The Games for Windows Marketplace is streamlined to provide an easy way for PC gamers to discover,… Read more

Lisa’s Top Picks: Great PC and Online Games for Your Child

By Lisa Worthington

If your house is anything like mine, then you likely find your child spending an increasing amount of time online playing My oldest daughter Lil loves Nick ’s game While she enjoys interacting with her favorite Nick characters, I’m in… Read more

Get Batman: Arkham Asylum 75% off via Games on Demand!

By Brandon LeBlanc

In a few previous blog posts I’ve done over the last couple months, I talked about or mentioned the awesome Games for Windows – LIVE game Batman: Arkham In early December, we introduced Games on Demand for Games for Windows… Read more

The ASUS G71Gx Gaming Powerhouse – Whoa…

By Brandon LeBlanc

Over the last few weeks, in between blogging, tweeting, and more blogging, I would often sneak off to do some gaming on the ASUS G71Gx I have here in my It is often “helpful” to be able to take a… Read more

Games on Demand for Games for Windows – LIVE

By Brandon LeBlanc

This week we announced Games on Demand for Games for Windows – Through the Games for Windows – LIVE PC client, you can now purchase, download, and install full games for your PC! Download: Games for Windows - LIVE (Version… Read more

Games for Windows Program Gets an Update

By Brandon LeBlanc

In 2008, the global PC game software market reached $ billion in revenue from a combination of retail sales, subscriptions, virtual item sales, advertising and digital distribution revenue according to the PC Gaming Alliance Horizons Software Report (click here to… Read more