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Share from File Explorer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

By Brandon LeBlanc

In the Windows 10 Technical Preview, we’ve added a new “Share” button in File Explorer to make it easy to share one or more selected Most file management happens through File Explorer, and now sharing is streamlined right where you… Read more

5 tips for sharing on your Windows Phone

By Juliette Guilbert

So, my kids gave me a Cthulhu bobblehead for Mother’s Day (other love offerings have included a Gandalf lunch box, a Frodo action figure, and a talking Yoda doll—proving that nerdiness is indeed inherited). Every day when they get out… Read more

Pretty Sweet Updates to Windows Live Calendar Beta

By Brandon LeBlanc

The Windows Live Calendar Team have been rolling out an update to the Windows Live Calendar Beta today and have recently blogged about what users will find within the I am a very heavy Windows Live Calendar user currently so this… Read more