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Design, Style & Technology Converge at Fashion Week

By Ben Rudolph

You’ve probably heard the saying “the clothes make the man (or woman).”   It’s true; clothes aren’t there to simply shield us from the elements, they are the front-line of self   Today’s Windows PCs are the same   They are… Read more

Highlights from CES MommyTech 2011

By Lisa Worthington

I had the pleasure of attending the MommyTech summit at CES 2011 and speaking on the Mobile Moms panel, along with five other panelists, including spokespeople from T-Mobile, Neer, Swag, Toddy Gear and MOBI We talked about what it means… Read more

Ask Ben Anything: Last Minute Holiday Buying Edition

By Ben Rudolph

“I ONLY HAVE THREE SHOPPING DAYS LEFT BEFORE CHRISTMAS! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?” Chances are, you or one of your friends/significant others/loved ones have uttered something similar in the last few   To help, I’m pulling a list… Read more

5 Great PCs that are Light as Air

By Ben Rudolph

Ever since Apple announced the new MacBook Air last week, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about ultraportable Mostly folks are intrigued by the trend toward small, sleek laptops - but don’t want to pay Apple prices or jump… Read more

Hit the road with a Summer travel PC!

By Ben Rudolph

We’re in the thick of Summer, and for millions of people around the world that means one thing – Summer vacations!  If you’re anything like me (and you probably are, or you wouldn’t be reading these posts!), you always bring … Read more