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Windows 7 Student Discount Expands to 11 Additional Countries

By Ashley Brown

Giving is always better than receiving, and today I’m happy to announce the extension of our student discount on Windows 7 Professional to 11 additional countries – Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, New Zealand and Taiwan… Read more

Double rainbows in Redmond

By Connor Lanman

…as I said, “more to come”. You may have heard of the Double Rainbow The guy who filmed this, Paul “Bear” Vasquez, lives in Yosemite and in the past month has gotten huge traffic for his ‘vivid’ reaction to that… Read more

The world’s most interesting internship… ever

By Connor Lanman

My name is Connor Lanman and I am not claiming I am the most interesting intern ever; and by no means am I working on routers for my 12 week summer internship at I am, however, working on a fairly… Read more

How To: Outfit your college student for under $1000

By Ben Rudolph

UPDATED 8/16/10, 9:32pm PST - Added a link to an even cheaper version of Office to save you more dough! I saw an article over the weekend that said that according to the National Retail Federation, college students are cutting… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #2: What’s Your Note?

By Ashley Brown

This weekend I’m heading across the Cascades to the Gorge Amphitheater to hear Kings of The Gorge is a popular alternative to a Seattle arena show (local Dave Matthews plays it almost every year), and it’s only fitting that one… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: And the Winner is…

By Ashley Brown

Wow!  That pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction at the phenomenal response to the first Windows Recession   Turns out your odds of winning were a little better than 1/797 (factoring out duplicates, my comments, invalid entries, ).  And the… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: Kickoff!

By Ashley Brown

It’s been a long Just when the economy was starting to look perky job growth stalled in its non-Census Then summer, which we normally can’t wait to see, broke down the door and turned most of the country into a… Read more