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Hands-On: Working with Storage Spaces in Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

Storage Spaces is an exciting new storage virtualization technology that is new for Windows For background, you can read my prior post on Windows 8 storage In this post I’ll build on this topic and give you a walk-though demo… Read more

A New Way to Backup: File History in Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

Chances are you’ve experienced the sinking feeling when you've lost personal It can be the result of user error, mechanical storage failure, or other Regardless of how it happens, data loss is a huge In most cases data loss is… Read more

Eight Enthusiast Updates in Windows 8

By Gavin Gear

For the last few years, Windows 8 has been a part of my daily As a part of the Windows 8 engineering team, I spent many hours installing and running Windows 8 on a variety of I’ve learned a lot… Read more