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Phone updates: process and timing

By Eric Hautala

Who doesn’t love presents? Luckily, my new job at Microsoft is to deliver them to My name’s Eric, and I run the team responsible for sending software updates with new features and improvements to your From time to time, I’ll… Read more

More answers about our first software update

By Michael Stroh

UPDATE— 4 This week we began sending the February update to more customers around the world, adding 10 additional carriers to the distribution Since then we’ve been listening and watching the rollout Despite the increased scale of the distribution, we… Read more

Our first Windows Phone update—and how to get it

By Michael Stroh

Starting today, some of you might see something new on your Windows Phone: A message announcing that a software update is Woo hoo! Now, before you get too excited, let me explain: This isn’t the update you’ve probably been reading… Read more

Accelerating the Windows Phone Ecosystem

By Andy Lees

This year has been one of significant change for the mobile We are moving from a battle of devices to one of What is required to build and maintain a vibrant ecosystem is broad - defined by the relationship between… Read more

Update on Windows 7 RTM

By Brandon LeBlanc

I’d like to offer up a little insight into the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) for Windows Over the past week, there have been many rumors surrounding We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows When we RTM… Read more

Games for Windows LIVE 1.2 Coming Soon

By Brandon LeBlanc

This evening, Xbox Live's Major Nelson revealed some tidbits on an upcoming update to Games for Windows - LIVE for the As you know, several games have launched under Games for Windows - LIVE that allow PC Games to tap… Read more