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Hotkey Cheat Sheet for the Windows 7 Beta


Are you someone who relies on hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) quite a bit? Fellow Microsoftie Brandon Paddock has published a cheat sheet of hotkeys that people might find useful with the Windows 7 Read more

Anti-Virus Solutions for the Windows 7 Beta

By Brandon LeBlanc

Folks have been asking about anti-virus solutions that work with the Windows 7 In anticipation of this, Microsoft has been actively working with security partners to help them get their applications ready for Windows Three security vendors have taken the… Read more

Here’s where we stand

By Brandon LeBlanc

I know many of you have had issues with the Windows 7 Beta site over the last 24 As you may have noticed the download site has been up and running smoothly since this That said, we apologize for the… Read more

Update on Windows 7 Beta Availability

By Brandon LeBlanc

Due to very heavy traffic we’re seeing as a result of interest in the Windows 7 Beta, we are adding some additional infrastructure support to the properties before we post the public We want to ensure customers have the best… Read more

The Windows 7 Beta Kicks Off This Week

By Brandon LeBlanc

I would like to take a moment and share some exciting Windows news being announced tonight by Steve Ballmer during his keynote address in Las Vegas – kicking off the 2009 Consumer Electronics In October, we revealed the next version… Read more