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By Ashley Brown

This is just a quick PSA to let you know that our Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) offer is ending in the this Saturday, July Right now, with the purchase of any new PC, you can upgrade from Windows 7 Starter… Read more

Going out and buying a Windows 7 PC

By Brandon LeBlanc

Last weekend, I decided to go out and buy a new PC for at This PC would be used only as a “work PC” for when I do work at Sure, I could use my laptop but I’m sort of… Read more

The Windows Anytime Upgrade Experience for Windows 7

By Brandon LeBlanc

This is the step-by-step experience of going through an upgrade from a lower edition of Windows 7 to a higher edition of Windows STEP 1: When a customer launches Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) from Windows 7, they are presented with… Read more

Windows Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack Pricing

By Brandon LeBlanc

Most people buy a PC preinstalled with the edition of Windows that meets their unique However, for some customers their needs may change over With Windows Anytime Upgrade (or WAU), we make it super easy and convenient for the small… Read more