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What’s different about the Windows Phone Store in China

By Mazhar Mohammed

Everyone here is really excited that Windows Phone 8 is becoming more widely available in We worked hard to tailor both the phone and the Windows Phone Store for new customers there, and today I wanted to briefly highlight a… Read more

Syncing Google services with Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

UPDATE: EAS support has been extended through December 31, You may have seen a recent announcement from Google regarding changes to the Google Sync service used to connect devices to Google services (Google Sync utilizes the Exchange ActiveSync, or EAS,… Read more

Planning a Super Bowl party? Grab these Windows Phone apps

By Michael Stroh

Whether you’re a diehard Baltimore fan, a lifelong 49ers fanatic—or somewhere in between—your party-planning needs are likely the same this weekend when The Big Game arrives in The Big So our crack team of in-house app pickers has just created… Read more

Brainy gaming on your Windows Phone

By Michael Stroh

It might be chilly this time of year, but that doesn’t mean your brain has to The just-launched Brain Games Collection brings together some of the most challenging entertainment apps in the Windows Phone Here are a few of my… Read more

5 essential Windows Phone apps for photographers

By Michael Stroh

Smartphone cameras are more than just a As David Chen’s monthly photo challenge makes clear, they’ve emerged as a serious tool for photographers and an artistic genre all their What I love about Windows Phone 8 and my Lumia 920… Read more

3 Windows Phone apps for hockey fans

By Michael Stroh

Three long months after their lockout began last October, National Hockey League players are finally hitting ice Saturday to start the 2012-2013 Here are the Windows Phone apps every fan needs before the face-offs You’ll find more options in the… Read more

Creating a photo book with your Windows Phone

By Lisa Stratton

I remember very little about my (Heck, these days I can barely remember what I did last ) I have snippets of memories—running down our street yelling Cowabunga!, sledding with my sister, breaking my We didn’t have a camera growing… Read more

Now in the Store: Priceline

By Michael Stroh

Last month I listed some of the travel apps I use when I hit the Here’s one more worthy addition: the official Priceline Express Deals app, which arrived in the Store late last The app makes it possible to find… Read more