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HP announces powerful new Z1G2 all-in-one workstation

By Leigha Anderson

Today at CES HP showcased the second generation of the world’s first all-in-one This device builds on the success of the first-generation HP Z1, to include a 27-inch diagonal touchscreen display, lots of power, and a myriad of other features… Read more

HP Z820 Workstation: Rising To the Challenge

By Gavin Gear

Today’s enterprise workstation PCs are being used for tasks that are more demanding than Applications have scaled and become more capable, and the tasks they perform have become more intensive by orders of Machine specs also continue to show increasing… Read more

Hot from HP: Introducing the Latest HP Z Workstations

By Leigha Anderson

Today, HP is launching updates to their HP Z Workstation If you are a small business seeking big horsepower in your PC, look no further than HP’s latest With three different workstations available, there is one workstation guaranteed to fit… Read more