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Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today was a full day of exciting Windows Live news with the release of Windows Live Essentials The Zune Team also pinged me today to let me know they have released Windows Live Messenger for the Zune HD to the… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #2: What’s Your Note?

By Ashley Brown

This weekend I’m heading across the Cascades to the Gorge Amphitheater to hear Kings of The Gorge is a popular alternative to a Seattle arena show (local Dave Matthews plays it almost every year), and it’s only fitting that one… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: And the Winner is…

By Ashley Brown

Wow!  That pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction at the phenomenal response to the first Windows Recession   Turns out your odds of winning were a little better than 1/797 (factoring out duplicates, my comments, invalid entries, ).  And the… Read more

Windows Recession Sweepstakes #1: Kickoff!

By Ashley Brown

It’s been a long Just when the economy was starting to look perky job growth stalled in its non-Census Then summer, which we normally can’t wait to see, broke down the door and turned most of the country into a… Read more

How I roll: The gear I use everyday

By Ben Rudolph

I’ve started to get questions on Twitter, Facebook, around the halls of building 37, and over email to the effect of “So, you get all of this new, shiny gear to test and try out…what stuff do you actually *use*… Read more

Zune HD Revealed & Zune Coming to the Xbox!

By Brandon LeBlanc

My pal Brian Seitz over on the Zune Insider revealed a brand new (and very awesome looking) Zune yesterday – the Zune This awesome looking new device comes with an OLED screen with multi touch, an HD Radio receiver, HD… Read more