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Zune 3.0 Has Arrived, Blue Zune 8 Unboxed!

By Brandon LeBlanc

As was announced last week - the Zune Team rolled out their Zune release today consisting of updated Software and Firmware which is now available for all to enjoy at the updated Click here to go directly to the Zune… Read more

Sneak-Peak at the Upcoming Zune 3.0 Release

By Brandon LeBlanc

Yesterday, the Zune Team announced their Zune release was hitting next week on September As a Zune user myself, I am pretty stoked for the Zune The Zune release consists of updates across the entire Zune ecosystem including new firmware… Read more

Add MSN Video Feeds to Zune as Video Podcasts

By Brandon LeBlanc

The MSN Video folks have updated Soapbox on MSN Video to allow users the ability to subscribe and add someone's video "stream" to You'll notice a new Zune icon next to the RSS icon on people's profiles on Soapbox for… Read more