February 29, 2016 7:00 am

Windows 10 IoT Core support for Raspberry Pi 3

By / Director of Program Management, Windows IoT

This morning, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced availability of their new board—the Raspberry Pi 3. We’re excited to have Windows 10 support the new board via a new Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview update available for download today. The new Raspberry Pi 3 board is available now in the Microsoft Store online.

Optimized for connected things and smaller devices with or without a display, Windows 10 IoT Core brings the power of Windows, including enterprise grade security and servicing, automatic updates through Windows Update when connected to the Internet and the rich Universal Windows Platform (UWP) APIs that give apps easy control over system management features.

Since we first announced Windows 10 support for Raspberry Pi last year, your feedback has been driving how we continue improving our platform enabling more and more Raspberry Pi capabilities on Windows 10 IoT Core. We’ve made it easier to connect your Windows 10 IoT Core device to the Internet by adding support for the official Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi dongle and other common Wi-Fi dongles. Also, we brought you full support for the TX/RX pins enabling easy access to the UART by simply calling GetDeviceSelector (“UART0”) method on the SerialDevice class. In the new Insider Preview build available today, we are enabling support for the new Raspberry Pi 3 board and we’re working to bring you more features in the coming weeks.

Commercialization & Customization With the popularity of the Raspberry Pi, many customers have asked about commercializing with the platform. We are working with element14 to provide customers with the option to choose Windows 10 IoT Core as part of their Raspberry Pi Customization Service. OEMs will now be able to build versions of the Raspberry Pi that meet their unique requirements, use the open source BSP that Microsoft has released and deploy with Windows 10 IoT Core. The interoperability, coupled with the power of the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to drive meaningful action across devices, further extends the value that Microsoft delivers to our customers.

The new Raspberry Pi 3 is faster, more powerful and the first out of the box IoT ready Raspberry Pi. We’re thrilled to deliver the power of Windows 10 on the new board and your feedback continues to help us improve Windows 10 IoT Core. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be able to make in the coming weeks.

Install the new Insider Preview update available today via Download or through the newly supported Raspberry Pi installer (NOOBS), start building with the Raspberry Pi 3 and tell us about your experience. We can’t wait to see what you make!

Updated February 29, 2016 12:03 pm

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  1. Apparently the Pi 3 is not actually available on Windows store yet. The link provided just takes you to the stores front page. I contact a support rep on chat and he confirmed that the Pi 3 is not available at the moment. Might want to correct your article!

  2. One big miss of Windows 10 IoT Core on RPi is that it doesn’t use Pi’s graphics accelerator, and we have to rely on the very slow software rendering driver. Its a big shame its not possible to utilize such big and valuable chunk of hardware we pay for!

  3. Why are you targeting a cabal run platform like the Raspberry Pi? Why not groups that serve up open standards for a living, like IEEE, or better yet ISO. Transparent groups. You are benefiting a tiny group of manufacturers and distributors instead of everyone. Who voted for that foundation? Who are the controlling members and what are their stock holdings in the device market? How are you (Microsoft) insuring a level playing field on an international level across all equipment manufacturers and chip vendors?
    Reminds me of the cozy Win-tel relationship. Why would you ever consider a similar direction again.

    • Chris, please let me know when IEEE/ISO makes a mass-produced $30 computer available that is compatible with your licensing demands. Until then, kindly get off your high horse and look up ‘pragmatism’ in a dictionary.

  4. Hi i ordered a pi 3 with other people in my Company. So continuing ? the test with the pi 2.
    You should provide directx support to increase experiance. Do You know if pi 3 Windows iot Will be 64 bits ?

  5. Hey Chris, I looked on iso.org and ieee.org for any boards they might make, couldn’t seem to find any. They’re probably too busy writing the next standard for something.

  6. Went to the Microsoft Store. The Raspberry Pi 3 is not listed as Ben Hobbs mentioned. I did a live chat with the store support and they’ve informed me that the store will likely be updated tomorrow. May want to remove the “available now” comment or put it as “available soon”. Big letdown.

  7. Please microsoft video driver for the pi. The applications graphics is poor in this moment, so with that hardware it should not happen.

  8. Have a raspberry Pi 2 B+.
    Have Noobs SD and this boots up fine.

    Bought a Strontium 16 GB micro SDHC.

    Win 10 IOT Dashboard did not recognize the SD card.

    Ok maybe its not compatible.

    Bought a SanDisk Ultra Micro SDHC 16GB. Asked for this specifically as this is supposed to be compatible.

    Win 10 IOT Dashboard did not recognize the SD card either. It just says Insert a SD card into your computer.

    The problem is that file explorer sees both of these without any problems.

    Is there a problem with the dashboard?

    • The comments are not the best place to ask for support like this. It is hard to support them all and as time moves on, the advice could change due to fixes in the platform. https://dev.windows.com/en-us/iot has a list near the bottom of great spots to ask for help like this.

  9. Hi, I just received my raspberry Pi 3B yesterday and flashed the sd card with the latest insider version of Windows 10 IoT Core.When I tried to boot it, it got stuck at
    “Welcome to Windows 10 IoT Core
    Please wait while we get things ready”
    I knew the initial bootup was gonna take a long time, but I left it for over an hour and it still didn’t boot. Is something wrong? I’m using a 32 GB kingston UHS class 3 µSD card with 90MB/s Read and 80MB/s Write speed. I’ve tried flashing it with windows iot core dashboard. I’ve tried using noobs to install it and I’ve tried flashing the SD with the IoT Core Image Helper Utility. I’ve also tried to install raspbian on my µSD Card and that worked just fine.

  10. Is there a way to buy the raspberry 3 with the pre-installed 16gb noobs sdcard from Europe?
    In the shipping options it doesn’t allow me to enter country at all.
    From the german microsoft store raspberry products are not eligible.

    • I am sure some 3rs party reseller of raspberry pi can accommodate your needs. The stock pi does not ship with an os. I believe adafruit sells pre installed SD cards.

      • I talked with a reseller in UK and they said they don’t have plans to offer that option at the moment but they offer “personal” support in case I wanted to try it by myself.
        So… just waiting for my PI to come.

  11. Any ETA for the Dashboard to support RPI 3? I received a Pi 3 and I was hoping to test the Dashboard with it. Only 2 is supported.

  12. IOT core still not able to access the build-in WiFi at Raspberry Pi3. Does anybody know how to get and install Pi3 WiFi driver?

  13. Would be great to get some timetable when the onboard Wifi and Bluetooth support will be available, the device is seriously crippled in functionality without these.

    • Jani,

      Looks like Microsoft is behind in supplying drivers for the Raspberry Pi 3 built in WiFi and Bluetooth. It is a shame but I have it connected hardwired and having issues.

  14. where is the WiFi support? NOOBS and Raspbian support the embedded WiFi of Pi3 fine, but Windows IoT doesn’t

  15. windows iot does not recognize built-in WiFi and Bluetooth on raspberry pi 3.
    raspberry pi 3 compatible flash.ffu not found.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft IoT\FFU\RaspberryPi2\flash.ffu

    • I have the exact same problem. The installation instructions are not working correct for the Pi 3 B.

      I was able to get it installed using the flash drive, but the Dashboard never did find it thereafter. Wifi and Bluetooth are not working. Under Bluetooth settings I have the error: “he device is not ready for use 0x800710DF

      For those having video issues, I’m not sure what to make of it, but when I connected HDMI to my Dell 21″ monitor, the colors were wonky and the text was very grainy. When I connected a 7” touch display through the ribbon cable the graphics were fine.

  16. Is there a starter pack for Windows 10 IoT with Raspberry Pi 3? I find Windows 10 IoT Starter pack with Raspberry pi 2 model at adafruit. I would like to get started with development. Which is the right way?
    Thank you for your answer.

  17. every one makes a comment on using a sd card !! the pi 3 doesn’t have that slot.
    I assume you use an usb adapter or a usb drive. please advise this is my first PI

    • The sd card slot is a micro sd. It is underneath the board, opposite the side that has the usb and lan ports.

    • Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a BIOS, so to boot from USB you still need some minimal loader at the micro SD card

  18. there is an issue at
    where at least 3 of the URLs in the page use \ instead of / and result being broken

    e.g. the “performance speeds” goes to
    instead of

    I looked at the source of those URLs but since they’re built using expressions, I’m not sure where their problem is
    e.g. that url is
    [performance speeds]({{site.baseurl}}/{{page.lang}}/win10/LightningPerformance.htm)
    in the markup, which seems ok

    I’m using Firefox/Win10

  19. Are there dates set for when the RPI 3 video hardware and on-board wifi will be supported in IoT? Is there a publicly available roadmap for future enhancements? Thanks!

  20. Is there any API in IOT CORE to change teh Display Mode and Display Gamma please?


  21. I just received my Pi3. I’ve successfully booted from the NOOB SD card and Ubuntu SD card I created. However, no matter what I do, I can’t get it to boot from the Win10 IoT SD. I’ve tried different SD cards, nothing works. I’ve even tried different power supplies. All I get is the rainbow window, with a tiny rainbow window in the upper right of the screen. To get the SC card loaded, I’ve used the IoT Dashboard. This is getting very frustrating. I’ve looked at the contents of the IoT SD cards and what appear to be all the files are there, it’s just not booting up. Any suggestions? I’m new to the Linux platform so not very skilled. Thank you in advance for any help you might provide. I’m using a SanDisk 64 GB Class 10 Micro SDXC SD USH-I card by the way. I used an identical card for the Ubuntu card and it works just fine.

    • Had the same rainbow screen problem. Solution is to use the noobs setup to install win 10 on Pi3

    • Jim,

      I had a similar problem using a Sandisk 32gb card and finally got it to boot from a PNY 16gb card using the latest preview version. Not sure what caused the problem.

    • Used the dashboard to set up a new Sandisk 32G Ultra Plus SD card for my new Pi3, but it failed to boot W10IoT. So I went back and carefully repeated the manual installation procedure (https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot/win10/GetStartedManually.htm) and realized I hadn’t selected “Custom” but had chosen “Raspberry Pi2” instead. After following the directions more carefully, including using “Custom” and browsing to my flash.ffu file, everything worked fine. (BTW, when W10IoT is properly installed on the SD card, you only see the “rainbow” screen for about 1 second during the boot process!) Hope this helps.

  22. I recently purchased the Rasp Pi3 from Amazon and downloaded and installed the latest preview. I was a little disappointed and was expecting a stripped down Windows 10 GUI, but see that there is nothing really there. I was expecting to work with Visual Basic from the Pi like we do with Python. I guess you have to create your own GUI. I have developed robots with Raspberry Pi computers, but had the Raspian O.S. to work from, while the computer was on the robot. I also am unable to connect to the Pi through Win 10 IoT because it tells me there is no WiFi even though the Pi 3 has a built in WiFi adapter. When I try to reach it from the Edge log in screen it tells me I don’t have a log in. Is there any were you can go to ask support questions and get immediate help, without going through a blog?

  23. I bought a pi 3 trusted in this page but the support for the UART is a lie. The last version of win iot does not support it. And now i have a raspis 3 stopped for this. Please microsoft be carefull what you write in your publications, first test the things.

  24. I like to post for all of you that failed to flash their SD cards and get only a “rainbow” screen:
    After several attempts I decided to step back to preview version 14262. This version came with a separate tool to flash the SD card called “Windows IoT Core Image Helper”. Having used this program instead of the “Dashboard” my Pi3 came to life!!! For the moment at least. It is not yet stable but I am looking forward to read your inputs on this issue…

  25. I am beginning to develop ideas of possible usages. So I have questions about which services will be available with IoT, like is the JET or ACE engine available? What about access to all the properties with Active Directory? When can we expect that the WiFi and Bluetooth will be supported in the preview edition?

  26. So, when can we expect any kind of love for the Raspberry Pi 3, like support for the internal Bluetooth/Wi-Fi adapters, accelerated graphics, or for that matter, a build of .NET Core that actually works on the platform?

    • Hi Joseph – I have just bought a Pi 3 and tried it with insider build 14322, and I found that onboard WiFi is working for me – it might be worth trying this build with your Pi 3. Hope this helps, let us know how it goes.

    • Latest build has drivers for WiFi but NOT for Bluetooth. Guess they are still working. Possibly we can try hack the filesystem to get the Bluetooth enabled.

  27. Does Windows IoT currently support multi-tasking onto Raspberry Pi 3? Can I develop apps than work with multiple tasks? Thanks!

    • To anyone having wifi problems on the RPI 3:

      Running build 14328

      Check your usb power supply. Make sure it’s at lease 2 amps. If it’s any less or the power supply is is problematic, the built in wifi not to come up.

  28. Windows IoT do will support devices like thermal printers ?
    I have search many links and many blogs,.. but no information or any project about to connect with thermal printer.
    Please, if any1 can give any direction or link where we can find some usefull information, it will apreciate.

  29. Does IoT have a backup/restore which is compatible with Windows 7 Backup/Restore so that I could restore a System Image created by Windows 7 Backup on a PC, on to a device attached to a Raspberry Pi 3.

    • I can’t see any way that would work. You have to run the IoT Core version of Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi, which is closer to an embedded operating system than a desktop operating system. A backup created on a PC would be the desktop version of the operating system and would not have the HAL/drivers required for Raspberry Pi.

  30. Build 14342 seems to have showstopper stability issues on Raspberry Pi 3. The first start-up works every time, but then after it is rebooted or shut down, it will not start up again. It goes into a reboot loop and after several attempts shuts down, giving 7 blinks of the green LED. Sometimes it does start up enough to display the home screen, but then freezes and the mouse is not functional (the Dashboard application also can’t find it on the network).

    It is unclear how I am meant to report problems like this. There’s nowhere in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub and nothing on Connect. Please advise.

    • Are you enabled “Enable Remote Server” from Windows 10 IOT Core Dashboard?

  31. I just purchased a pi 3 with noobs and IOT core from ms. When I plug in it boots right to noobs without any option for IoT core as the tutorial at windowsondevices.com shows. How do I boot to IoT core? ty

  32. I tried to install “Windows10_InsiderPreview_IoTCore_RPi_ARM32_en-us_14366.iso” into “Raspberry Pi 3″ are connected to 5” TouchSrceen (http://www.waveshare.com/product/modules/oleds-lcds/raspberry-pi-lcd/5inch-hdmi-lcd-b.htm), I have two problems:

    1. Bluetooth is not working.
    It get the message: “No usable Bluetooth adapter can be foun on this computer: The device is not ready for use. (Excep_FromHResult 0x800710DF)”

    2. Touchscreen not working.

    What’s the solution for above problems? Thank You.

  33. When Pi-3 loses power suddenly, then Pi 3 doesn’t work. And when the power is back, Pi-3 takes more than 60 seconds to booting. System will stop for 60 seconds, until booting finish.
    1. How to keep the boot process in Windows-IoT can take place quickly (less than 30 seconds)?
    2. Why windows IoT still uses 32 bits, not 64 bits?

  34. Just got my raspberry pi 3 today and spent all night getting it up and running with remote access from my surface pro 4, had problems with accessing my network wirelessly because compared to my experience with raspbian it was too easy so I never realized I was done and I continued searching the Web for help for an embarrassing amount of time… Same with the actual preview remote app found in the store, almost too easy. Now to the reason I’m posting this, my app consists of en xaml page with 2 buttons and a textblock which changes its text when the buttons are pressed. The performance is utter garbage and I’m not getting close to even 20fps when I’m moving the mouse, is there a way to improve performance on the pi besides improving my code (which pretty much consists of 2 event handlers for my buttons) and is there a way to hide the mousepointer on my machine within the remote app so that I don’t have to see two mousepointers chasing each other when controlling my pi?

  35. Buenos días. Acabo de descargar e instalar el último Build 14376 sobre un Raspberry Pi 3 y aparentemente ya no se ven algunas cosas como por ejemplo, la lista de Apps o en Performance no aparecen las gráficas, etc. Aunque funcionan bien las Apps que tenía instaladas si las ejecuto desde Visual Studio 2015. Gracias

  36. Hi, I installed Iot Core Insider Preview Build 14376 on my PI3 – it boots well, get a wifi address, no problem , but I am stuck on step 2 item 3 of installation guide https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot/win10/GetStarted/rpi3/sdcard/insider/getstartedstep2 at “configure your board” in Device Portal. I entrer credential “Administrateur” (in french) and the password I reset before, simple 3 letters and that does not want to go thurther.
    Can you help me please ?

    • I found the solution and share it : there is a bug in multilanguage support : the IoT dashboard french version displays “Administrateur” (well in French) and you have to type “Administrator” in fact ….!

  37. Hi i got an huge problem when i was installing the w10 iot on rb pi 3. I’m from sweden and use an swedish keyboard and got stopped when i should login on microsoft network. when i should write my login email address the @ isn’t on the same place on the layout for us keyboard as it is on the swedish layout. Can you help me with this i would be glad.


  38. Hello, I want to know how to turn my CSI camera on? Is there any build in driver for this in windows10 loT Core or I need to install by myself? Or something else?
    system and hardware: windows10 loT core 14393 for RSPI3

  39. Please anyone can help me ?
    i have a dynamic library (.dll) that contain some functions, these functions concern the Serial Communication between the C# app and a serial device.
    i have installed the Visual Studio Community 2017 on my PC, and i have installed the Windows 10 IoT core on my raspberry PI 3 Model B.
    the problem is that the built-in functions in the .dll library need to know the COM port number (COM5 for example), but when i use the Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication name space, i found the serial devices but they didn’t have a PortName (the PortName field in the founded device is empty) but i still can edit the BaudRate and other serial communication properties.
    anyone can help me please how can i get the COM port of a serial device connected on the USB port of the Raspberry PI 3 ?
    Thank you in advance

  40. I am really enjoying creating a Windows IoT device; bit of a learning curve with a few start overs, but I might just be getting the hang of it! (multi-channel data logger – RPi3 + multiple TI ADS1118 (Custom Library) on SPI running Window’s 10 IoT, displaying a real-time chart.)