October 26, 2016 3:27 pm

Kevin Gallo gives the developer perspective on today’s Windows 10 Event

By / Corporate Vice President, Windows Developer Platform

Did you see the Microsoft Windows 10 Event this morning?  Satya, Terry, and Panos talked about some of the exciting new features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update and announced some amazing new additions to our Surface family of devices. If you missed the event, be sure to check it out here.

As a developer, my first question when I see new features or new hardware is “What can I do with that?” We want to take advantage of the latest and coolest platform capabilities to make our apps more useful and engaging.

There were several announcements today that offer exciting opportunities for Windows developers.  Three of these that I want to tell you about are:

  • 3D in Windows 10 along with the first VR headsets capable of mixed reality through the Windows 10 Creators update.
  • Ability to put the people you care about most at the center of your experience—right where they belong—with Windows MyPeople
  • Surface Dial, a new input peripheral designed for the creative process that integrates with Windows and is complimentary to other input devices like pen. It gives developers the ability to create unique multi-modal experiences that can be customized based on context. The APIs work in both Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Win32 apps.

Rather that write a long blog post, I decided to go down to our Channel 9 studios and record a video that gives my thoughts and provides what I hope will be a useful developer perspective on today’s announcements.  Here’s my conversation with Seth Juarez from Channel 9:

My team and I are working hard to finish the platform work that will fully support the Windows 10 Creators Update, but you can start experimenting with many of the things we talked today. Windows Insiders can download the latest flight of the SDK and get started right away.

If you want to dig deeper on the Surface Dial, check out the following links:

Stay tuned to this space for more information in the coming weeks as we get closer to the release of the Windows 10 Creator’s update.  In the meantime, we always love to hear from you and welcome your feedback at the Windows Developer Feedback site.

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    • Dial APIs are there in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. No VS add in is required, just the Windows SDK for Win10AU (Build 14393)

      • I meant could I modify the visual studio environment so I could use visual studio with my own custom menus while using visual studio.

  1. Hello! Using edge I cannot fullscreen the video of this article.
    Microsoft Edge 25.10586.0.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 13.10586

  2. Even as a developer I kind of wish that the people hub would actually *not* allow me to provide my own view – I would like the operating system to be in control of the user experience.

    Also, will we be able to create multiple apps that consume the same set of contacts? For example, if I make a video game that has an in-game friends list, can I also make a companion app for a phone that works with the same contacts?

  3. Why limit MyPeople to just 3 people and no way to change it inside of settings has like 5 family members talk to everyday, and som coworkers, or make it possibol draw the people line and draw out x numbers or draw in for remove numbers.