September 15, 2017 10:00 am

More Resources for Universal Windows Platform Games with Fall Xbox One Update

By / Senior Program Manager, Xbox R&D

Since the advent of consoles, developers have asked for ways to create games for one platform that you could run anywhere. With the release of the Expanded Resources feature in the Windows Fall Creators Update, we are taking the industry closer to that goal than it has ever been before. Now, developers will automatically have access to 6 exclusive cores, 5 GB of ram and full access to the GPU!

When Windows 10 launched in July 2015, Windows and Xbox converged to a single operating system for game development and introduced the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application model.

UWP apps created for Windows 10 PCs and Xbox games created for Xbox One could be bought and run side by side on consoles, but only in a specialized environment created for lightweight entertainment experiences.

Coming this fall, UWP games published through the Windows Store to Xbox One consoles such as Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks, games in the ID@Xbox program, or games in the Xbox Live Creators Program will be able to access the expanded resources. UWP game developers get both a performance boost and a much larger sandbox in which to Dream, Build, and Play.

Team Xbox is excited to see how creators take advantage of this extra power to bring even more variety and creativity to Xbox One. ANYONE can become a creator for Xbox One, get started here.

*D3D12-Based UWP Games get access to the full power of the GPU

Updated June 28, 2018 8:16 am

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  1. Is this live now? I’ve updated my windows sdk and xboxone today and when I deploy my Unity game to xbox one I’m still getting pretty terrible performance. Is there something I need to be doing to actually access the expanded resources?

  2. What a welcomed change! I was wondering how I could make a beautiful game in Unity without sacrificing too much, due to the dreaded limitations. Now I think it should solve most problems, having access to almost everything the console can do is what I needed to get the motivation to create.