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New Developer Landing Page and Issues Repo

By Rich Turner

We are excited to announce two new online resources for developers using Windows: A new docs landing-page for developers building and deploying apps and systems running on non-Microsoft operating systems like Linux and Android A new GitHub issues repo for… Read more


Announcing WinUI 3 Preview 2

By Ana Wishnoff

At our monthly community call this morning we announced that a new preview of WinUI 3 is ready for you all to try out – WinUI 3 Preview 2! If you’re too excited to read ahead, check out the release… Read more


A deep-dive into WinUI 3 in desktop apps

By Miguel Ramos

XAML Islands was our first solution to enable developers to use UWP XAML inside their desktop (Win32) Within a couple of months after the release of XAML Islands, behavioral insights and customer interviews raised some signals about how developers were… Read more

Computer screen showing Windows Terminal.

3 Ways to Customize Your Windows Terminal

By Windows Developer Team

Windows Terminal is here! From the buzz of the announcement at Microsoft Build 2019 to the release of at Build 2020, it’s generated excitement and interest from the dev Get started by downloading the Preview As a refresher, Windows Terminal… Read more

Screenshot of Engaging UI powered by WinUI in Alarms & Clock app

ICYMI – Top Announcements from Microsoft Build 2020

By Windows Developer Team

It has been one month since the first-ever, completely virtual Microsoft Build, where we unveiled new tools and updates to make developing for all 1 billion Windows 10 devices It’s an exciting time for Windows, and if you missed the… Read more

Numbered rectangle blocks of color.

Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v6.1

By Michael A. Hawker

We are thrilled to announce today the next update to the Windows Community Toolkit, version This release was made possible with help and contributions from across our developer While a ‘minor’ release, it is jam-packed with new controls, helpers, and… Read more


Introducing WinUI 3 Preview 1

By Ryan Demopoulos

Today at Microsoft Build 2020 the WinUI team is excited to announce the latest version of WinUI 3 available for public preview: WinUI 3 Preview This preview expands the world of WinUI to an even wider audience of developers –… Read more

Build Audience

Start Developing on Windows 10, version 2004 Today

By Windows Developer Team

The Windows 10 SDK for Windows 10, version 2004 is now available with a go-live  Build 19041, also known as the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, is now in the Release Preview Windows Insider New APIs and Features for developers Every… Read more