February 2, 2018 10:00 am

#ifdef WINDOWS – Progressive Web Apps

Jeff Burtoft from the Web Apps team at Microsoft dropped by to share how web apps on Windows have evolved, all the way from regular web sites, to packaged web apps in Windows 8, Hosted Web Apps in Windows 10, and finally adopting Progressive Web Apps with support for Service Workers and native APIs.

We also covered the top 3 necessary components needed to build a PWA and the top 4 things developers can do to make sure their PWAs are successful on any platform. Check out the full video above and feel free to reach out on  Twitter or in the comments below for questions or comments.

Happy coding!

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  1. If only IE/Edge supported as much web tech as Chrome and FF, its almost always the browser that makes us devs curse that we cant use a feature we really want to.

    If only FF, Chrome, Safari and Edge would utilize the same renderer half the battle would be won, the only thing that would hinder HTML feature take up is users upgrade cycles, and thats mostly moot for FF and Chrome (and largely moot for Edge), not only that with a larger ‘team’ more features could be implemented, granted some extensions like native API access like PWAs give would likely be a separate thing.