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November 22, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

The UWP Community Toolkit v2.1

By Nikola Metulev

We are extremely excited to announce the latest update to the UWP Community Toolkit, version ! This update builds on top of the previous version and continues to align the toolkit closer to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Thanks… Read more

August 30, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

The UWP Community Toolkit v2.0

By Nikola Metulev

Today, the UWP Community Toolkit graduates to version and sets the stage for future There have been seven releases since the UWP Community Toolkit was first introduced exactly one year ago and version is the first major and largest update… Read more

July 21, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Windows Template Studio 1.2 released!

By Clint Rutkas

We're extremely excited to announce the Windows Template Studio What makes this release even more special is we've been accepted into the .NET Foundation! We are thrilled to be accepted In this release, our major new feature is adding content… Read more

June 2, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Toolkits, Toolkits, Toolkits!

By Windows Apps Team

As a UWP developer, you have many options to help build your application quickly and In fact, there are so many options that you may feel like you can choose only Luckily, that’s not the case, and many toolkits complement… Read more

May 1, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Master the Master-Detail Pattern

By Windows Apps Team

In the world of information consumption in applications, it’s crucial to have a clear and easy way to navigate and inspect that The master-detail design pattern has become one of the most popular approaches in applications In this post, we’ll… Read more

March 24, 2017 IoT, Mobile, PC, Tablet

ICYMI – Your weekly TL;DR

By Windows Apps Team

Busy weekend of coding ahead? Get the latest from this week in Windows Developer before you go heads Standard C++ and the Windows Runtime (C++/WinRT) The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is the technology that powers the Universal Windows Platform, letting developers… Read more

November 18, 2016 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Announcing UWP Community Toolkit 1.2

By David Catuhe

Following our commitment to ship new versions at a fast pace, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of UWP Community Toolkit If you want to get a first glance, you can install the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App directly from… Read more