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USA – Recognising that one size doesn’t always fit all, Nokia is embarking on a raft of changes in the USA which are designed specifically to better cater for customers there.

Hopefully we might even see changes such as those suggested by Amy Gahran rolled out in the near future too.

Right now though, the focus is on ensuring the right products are in the right places. To do that Nokia has assigned 300 product managers each to AT&T and Verizon with a view to tailoring devices specifically for the US market. This means more phones designed with US customers in mind, and ultimately better experiences had by those customers.

Mark Louison, Nokia’s North America chief, is behind the changes which have seen staff moving closer to Verizon and AT&T’s offices as well as increased spending on R&D for US-specific products. Louison sums it up neatly for “We are literally repositioning our entire approach to the US”.

Last year saw the arrival of the 6555, the first thin clamshell rolled out for the US market – highlighting how Nokia is already working together with the likes of AT&T (the the design was tweaked by moving the Push To Talk button to a more prominent position) ensuring it better catered for the US market.

These are just the first steps and there’s still lots to be done, from the service issues Amy highlighted, to the calls for the US version of the Nokia Music Store. At least changes are happening now and they’re for the good.

Do you live in the US? What other changes do you think Nokia needs to make there?

Photo from PSE