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February 19, 2009

The Nokia 6720 Classic: Unsung hero

BARCELONA, Spain – For me, one of the unsung heroes of the show is the Nokia 6720 Classic. It wasn’t mentioned in the press conference, except for a very brief comment at the end when everyone was leaving. It’s not as conventionally sexy as the Nokia N86 8MP or the Nokia N97, which were mobbed by the booth visitors and picked up all around the web.

Not content to let the device go unnoticed, we did a drive-by video at the booth with the Nokia 6720 Classic product manager, Jani Aaltonen. He had told us earlier of a funny story from a recent customer event, so I wanted to catch it on video to share it here (click through to see it).

Neutral but not average
The phone’s character, design, price, and feature set places it in the sweet-spot that suggests to me this one will be as popular as the Nokia 6300 and Nokia 6100. While Nokia offers a wide-range of choices across its portfolio, neutral devices, such as the 6720 Classic, are the ones that fly off the shelves.

I played with it a bit. The feel, screen resolution, software are all quite impressive. I hope some of the great Symbian websites out there do an in-depth review of this device to give it its due.

And on to the video: