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February 23, 2009

Eco phones poll: The votes have been counted

GLOBAL – A couple of weeks ago we posed you the question, what do you think is the most important aspect of eco phones? The poll has now closed, the votes have been tallied up, and the results are in.

Click through to find out what you and your fellow Nokia Conversations readers reckon are the top requirements of an environmentally savvy handset.

Recyclable materials narrowly took the top slot, securing almost 27 per cent of the vote – an area that Nokia has been actively evolving over the past couple of years, both in terms of improving the recyclable content of devices, highlighting the importance of mobile recycling and enabling folk to easily recycle their devices, with Nokia’s we:recycle scheme boasting already over 5,000 drop-off points.

Natural power came in a second place with just under 26 percent of the overall vote, clearly highlighting how keen many of you are to see Nokia pursue alternative power solutions for mobile devices. This is certainly an area we’ll be keeping an eye on and reporting on when any developments arise, so stay tuned.

Eco phone charger landed the third spot, with just over 16 per cent. This is great, and a little prophetic I guess, what with last week’s announcement of the Universal Charging Solution. Plus, of course, Nokia had already committed back 2008 to the new energy star rating system for mobile phone chargers.

Below are the rest of the results in stat-tacular detail.

  1. Recyclable materials – 26.79%
  2. Natural power (e.g. solar) – 25.89%
  3. Eco phone charger – 13.39%
  4. Replacement parts (longevity) – 8.93%
  5. Re-use (passing phones on) – 8.93%
  6. No charger in the box – 7.14%
  7. Packaging (less of it) – 6.25%
  8. Other answer… – 2.68%

Post your comments on what you think about the results, or others that you’d like to see on the list – for example, one of the ‘other’ suggestions raised was ‘durability’ which I thought was an interesting idea (not to be mistaken with longevity and replacement parts). Let us know what you think to the spread of opinion – predictable or surprising? Scribble down your thoughts below.