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March 3, 2009

Sticky fingers and buffalo rings

BIJAPUR, India – One Indian farmer found himself in a sticky situation recently when he had to extract his phone from a pile of buffalo dung. The phone, having previously been eaten by the belly-filling buffalo, went missing for a few days after falling out of the farmer’s shirt pocket. This comes hot on the heels of last week’s phone-gobbling cod.

The buffalo, possibly nicknamed Ring-o, failed to answer any of the seven calls the phone received whilst making its passage through the animal. Not surprisingly, the buffalo probably didn’t pay much heed to the rumbling in his tummy, though no doubt the ringing will have led to some internal confusion.

Wild Asian Buffalo have the widest horn span of any bovid, though we’re not sure if that’ll have helped the phone pick up a better signal. Typically weighing more than 800kg, it’s unlikely the bovine will have felt much as the phone made it’s way through its digestive system.

Known for its favour of grazing, the buffalo is most likely to have picked up the phone during a feeding frenzy. The typically gregarious animal is famous for its adaptability, though its unlikely many will have followed Ring-o’s lead of phone-chomping.

Photo by kmacelwee