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GLOBAL – Nokia has given the nod to motion control gaming on N-Gage, via an updated version of a game called Bounce Boing Voyage. The first N-Gage game to exploit the accelerometer hidden beneath the skin of N-Gage friendly handsets including the Nokia N79N82, N85, N95, N95 8GB, N96 and 6210 Navigator, the motion control version of Bounce Boing Voyage is slated to launch later this spring.

Read on to find out how the motion control action plays out, and more details including its showcase at this week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

Ikona on the the N-Gage blog posted a snapshot of how the motion control is executed in the upcoming game:

“Motion control support enables players to guide the Bounce ball through different surreal worlds with the built-in motion sensor in their N-Gage compatible device. In Bounce Boing Voyage, players can control the Bounce ball by moving their device in the desired direction. Lifting the device upwards makes Bounce jump on its way to free the land of Poingpingy.”

GDC started yesterday, running from 23-27 March in San Francisco, and it’s here that Bounce Boing Voyage will debut its motion control skills.

Don’t worry if you’ve got the previous version of Bounce Boing Voyage, because those that do will be entitled to a free upgrade to the motion supported edition when it hits handsets later this spring.