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April 6, 2009

Nokia E75 rounded up and released into the wild

ESPOO, Finland – First announced back in February at Mobile World Congress (see Nokia at MWC), today sees the Nokia E75 officially debut in stores.

To mark the occasion (we’re all out of party hats), we’ve decided to pull together a round-up of info and videos on the Nokia E75. Click through for your full E75 round-up, including a video of it alongside the upcoming N97.

Nokia E75 in a nutshell
The all new Nokia E75 ushers in a new kind of Eseries device. Just as the Nokia E71 broke new ground, the Nokia E75 is set to follow suit in the same vein as its QWERTY sibling, cementing its unique place on the email and messaging scene as an ultra compact communicator. Plus, it’s got a few entertaining twists up its unconventional sleeve.
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Here’s how the Nokia E75 shapes up alongside the N97 >>

Nokia E75 in detail >>

Nokia E75 introduction >>

The story behind the Nokia E75 >>

Nokia E75 photo gallery >>