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Nokia’s free email service doesn’t just dish up addresses to anyone who wants one, it’ll also sync between its webmail interface and the Nokia handset in your pocket so you’re always within reach of your email. There’s a beefy 1GB of storage included, along with extras such as out of office, and tapping into Ovi Mail is easy, whether you’re on the web or on your phone.

Use a PC and web browser to log in and you’ll see neat options to select multiple messages, sort through them by sender or date, and even drag and drop to quickly move emails from the one folder to another. Built-in spam and virus protection keep everything secure, and when you tap into Ovi Mail through an S40 phone, such as the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, and you’ll see its perfectly designed for smaller screens too.

There’s no fiddly software to install, since everything needed is already on the phone, and the streamlined interface means replying to messages on the move is as quick and easy as possible. Ovi Mail makes it easy to keep in touch wherever you are.

What they say


“It’s designed to offer folks who have no email address (believe it or not, they *do* exist) a way to get an email address… What has me excited, though, is the potential this brings, specifically when seen with other Ovi services.”

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Four facts you never knew about email

Email is a daily staple of the Internet age, but here are a few facts you might not know about it.

  • Over 210 billion emails are sent each day, although around 70% are spam –
  • Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1971. He chose the @ symbol because it had “no significance” in text editors, and didn’t appear in people’s names – Email home
  • Spam didn’t begin on the Internet. The first instance of mass, unsolicited electronic messages was in 1864, using Western Union’s telegraph network –
  • Email messages needed a special application to create them until 1995, when webmail interfaces were invented – Internet Scout Project