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May 7, 2009

Gravity winning S60 Twitter app popularity race on Nokia

GLOBAL – Late last week we launched a poll to find out which S60 Twitter app put the biggest smile on your beak, and the response has been great, with Gravity currently storming ahead of the pack in the popularity race. We’re going to keep the poll open for a few more weeks as this topic on the ultimate Twitter app for S60 Nokia phones seems to have struck a serious chord – we’ve already clocked up over 300 votes in 6 days, and heaps of you have been commenting with some great suggestions for alternatives to our core list of S60 Twitter apps.

Read on for a full rundown of how all the Twitter apps are measuring up alongside each other in the most-loved stakes, plus find out which Twitter apps many of you have mentioned that weren’t included in our original list of big hitter Twitter apps for your Nokia.

Gravity is currently out in front with lion’s share of the vote at 42%, and has received a lot of vocal support from a number of you in the comments section:

Oliver: “On the 5800 XpressMusic nothing can beat Gravity, kinteic scrolling and best UI of all my installed apps (also non-twitter apps)!

Twibble has clocked up just over half the amount of votes that Gravity has pulled in, with 23% of the vote. Dabr is sitting in third spot with 12%.

But in fourth place at the moment is ‘other’, and diving into our pool of poll data it shows that most of the ‘other’ suggestions are for Tweets60, supported by a number of you in the comments section:

Hugo: “There‚Äôs a nice and simple new client called Tweets60 just out in beta by a Manchester company called Ravensoft.”

If you haven’t voted yet, get clicking over to our S60 Twitter app poll and cast your VOTE NOW.

The votes as they stand…